• Friendly Customer Service.
  • Convenient Location. We’re just a half-mile south of the I-90/ King Avenue interchange.
  • Safe/Clean. Our clean, well lit facility makes accessing your storage space after dark convenient. With 24hour video surveillance and an electronic gate accessible only by tenants from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Your stuff is safe with us.
  • 24 Hour a Day Kiosk. Easy to use, self service kiosk for payments and lock purchases. It does everything from printing your lease to dispensing a lock. If you already rent with us you can pay here, the kiosk takes credit cards, checks and cash.
  • Pay Online.
  • Month to Month Lease.

Before you decide on a storage facility, visit us first! We’ll give you a quick tour, help you figure out what size works best for you.